A soothing and peaceful environment to start your day, catch up with your friends, take a break or unwind and leave the worries of the day behind. . . Café Om combines free Wi-Fi and charming old-world service. Family owned and operated, Café Om offers the perfect setting for your daily fix.

Whether you’re on the go or in the mood to linger, we invite you to experience this little hideaway while we concoct amazing tasting coffees, chai lattes, smoothies and offer a healthy and flavorful selection of mouth-watering pastries, wraps and snacks including vegan options and non-dairy alternatives: rice, almond and soy milk. For coffee flavor without the coffee kick, there’s Dandy Blend, a rich, full-bodied herbal coffee substitute made from dandelion roots and chicory. Our ample selection of premium Mighty Leaf Tea includes chai (Tiger Spice, Masala), green and matcha teas.

So eat, sip, be inspired and refreshed. . . Join us for a relaxing morning, afternoon or early evening where you will always be welcomed with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and a warm smile.

Here are some of the things our guests have to say!

“A home away from home, Café Om is the best kept secret in West Hollywood: a warm, inviting space to relax, read, write and dream.” –Steven Goldman

“When my home is a mess, clothes letter the floor, furry blue mold burgeons in sink dishes, I have an amazing method to whisk away the mess in two seconds flat. I boogie on down to Cafe Om -my om away from home- and savor the rich organic coffee. It’s a little bit of heaven. When I covel peace,when I need good company, when I welcome the charm of Om’s proprietors, Tolga and Nesrin, or the zing of pungent espresso to get the day of (bravely I once launched the day without this ritual and this experiment yielded a day dismal and without glory) or a meeting a friend who vanished for two years and has now reached the wise conclusion that West Hollywood may be better than Brooklyn. Good vibrations proliferate.

On rare occasion when I succumb to the urge to patronize the cost-to-cost coffee factory, the raw truth is in my face: the magic that Om has, the chain from Seattle wholly lacks. It’s coffee isn’t worth having, not at all. That certain something Om has I miss: It’s the coffee and something more. Om is good for my soul…” –Grady Miller, humorist  www.canyon-news.com

“Shhh…please, tell no one about this place.  I know, I know; not much of  an endorsement, but to be completely honest I just don’t want anyone else to know “the Om” is here.  Although I live two blocks away, this place is my refuge, my shelter from the daily noise–the mental racket–of this town I’ve called home for 25 years.  People come here not for the convenient parking (there is virtually none), but for the ambience, the friendly and now-familiar faces behind the counter, and, oh yeah, the coffee, too.  Just keep it to yourself, would you?” –John