Did you try Green Tea Matcha blended with almond milk and fresh mint leaf?

Matcha is very nutritious and contains a high level of antioxidants, higher than blueberries and acai berries. Studies have shown matcha to contain amazingly high levels of; amino acids, vitamin c, and catechins. Here are the impressive findings. Studies have confirmed; reduced physical and psychological stress, improved mood and alertness, a boost in the immune system, reduction of bad breath, prevention of some cancers, a reduction of 21% of strokes, promotes oxidation of fats, improvement of metabolism and assists in the stabilization of insulin

WHAT is Matcha?
Matcha is a finely ground and powdered high quality green tea grown in the shaded misty mountains of Japan. It is commonly known for its use in the traditional Tea Ceremony. A few weeks before harvesting, tea bushes are covered to further prevent direct sunlight. The lack of light slows down growth and turns the leaves an even darker shade of green. This step is said to promote the production of amino acids. After harvesting the leaves of highest quality they remain shaded or indoors and laid out flat to dry. The dried leaves will crumble and become known as tencha. Tencha is stone ground to the fine, bright green, talc-like powder known as matcha. Matcha of the highest quality will be a VERY bright green. If the color is slightly brown, yellow or beige it is of poor quality and has oxidized – hence, losing all of its benefits.

Where do I find matcha?
Here at Café Om…

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