Five stars for Cafe Om because it is around the block from where I live (good fortune), and, the new owners, a young couple, are delightful.  They’ve been here since January 2012, and with a background in international hotel management understand how to create a more than welcoming environment. Imagine a bit of India, a bit of the eastern Mediterranean, a bit of Europe, a Buddha water fountain, free WiFi, and unusual, soothing music.  Most of all organic coffee, organic tea, and my favorite, a Dandy latte made of dandelion root. Until you try the Dandy you’ll wonder what you’ve been missing all this time – it’s so healthful!!! — Guandelina


“I’ve lived 1 mile from this place for nine years and driven buy gazillions of times.  I recently moved two blocks closer and decided to give it a shot.  I’ve discovered the BEST coffee in the neighborhood.  It’s organic and delicious.  It’s a soothing atmosphere with mellow music and gurgling fountain.  I’m so glad I can abandon coffee bean.  The surrounding streets have 2 hour street parking, but if you live in the neighborhood it’s a great destination to walk to. Definitely buy your coffee from here!”



“Today I finally stopped at Cafe Om and I’m glad I did. I was in search of a great Chai Tea Latte and this is where it ended. I haven’t found a place that makes a better chai latte than Nordstrom Cafe, however, this place is just as good as Nordstrom. I enjoyed the art and the antique looking chairs. I’m so happy I found this place because I was in and out within 5 minutes. This place is cozy and not your typical coffee cafe. Also, the Thai Peanut Wrap was delicious!”  – Bruce, Los Angeles


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  1. How do I keep my svelte and emaciated figure? I have one bread a day. And when I enjoy my one piece of bread a day, I make it the exquisite pastry at Cafe Om. Oven-browned, made with love and natural ingredients, the fluffy scone is sweet, not too sweet, so the blueberries’ tart sweetness surprises the taste buds. Ditto chewy walnuts in the banana-nut muffin, and the chocolate-chip muffins, loaded with gooey chocolate morsels. And the lemon blueberry loaf! The lemon won’t quit.

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